Tūhoronuku meets with Hokianga hapū to resolve differences

By Dean Nathan

Tūhoronuku began its return tour of the house of Ngāpuhi to enlighten its descendants on the process ahead of them to resolve Ngāpuhi Treaty of Waitangi claims against the Crown. Today, was no different signalling a meeting between the party given the right to negotiate and the hapū of Hokianga.

As the rocks at sea were buffetted by the tides of Hokianga, the main focus today remained the arrival of Tūhoronuku.

Chairman of Te Rūnanga ā Iwi o Ngāpuhi, Sonny Tau says ii's “easy to protest but to lead your people is another thing. With all the protest and talk at the moment they have yet to come up with an alternative solution to achieve the aspirations of Ngāpuhi.”

Tūhoronuku believes this is an opportunity to enlighten the people of the arduous process they are following to reach the Crowns' negotiating table.

Titewhai Harawira says that ultimately “the challenges are with the Crown and if they are not satisfied with a lot of kaupapa, go back to the Crown and challenge them.  But let us work together for something positive for Ngāpuhi.”

From Hokianga, Tūhoronuku will now head to the eastern coastline of the district where they will meet with respective tribes in Matauri Bay.

Mr Tau adds that “Ngāpuhis' goal to throttle the Crown irrespective of opposition and support with the end goal to make the Crown pay for the past wrongdoings of all previous Governments.  That is what Ngāpuhi are seeking and Tūhoronuku has been given the job of bringing it to fruition.”