Tuhoronuku want Ngāpuhi on Crown settlement

By Dean Nathan

Terms of Negotiation for Ngāpuhi settlement have been signed by the Crown and Tuhoronuku and Tuhoronuku Chair Sonny Tau continues his call to the respective tribes of Ngāpuhi to climb on board.

“We're in it from the beginning to the end and have arrived at this point where Tuhoronuku pledged to the people of Ngāpuhi it would go.  Right now my real hope is that the whole of Ngapuhi move forward,” says Sonny Tau.

Tuhoronuku says there is no reason why the urgent investigation by the Waitangi Tribunal into the Crowns' settlement process should hamper their progress.

“Tuhoronuku were directed by Ngāpuhi to carry the settlement to its fruition.  And we will not deviate from the pathway set by our elders,” says Tau.

It is now confirmed Tuhoronuku will lead the settlement of Ngāpuhi grievances at the Crowns' negotiation table, with the focus on seeking redress from the current government for all historical injustices.

“Ngāpuhi have a major fight on our hands with the Crown to acknowledge our rights under the 1835 Declaration of Chiefs and Te Tiriti O Waitangi.  That's where the real battle is!  And so I say to our people right now, let us all move in unison and finish it,” says Tau.