Tunes of I take front and centre

By Rukuwai Tipene-Allen

Wellington-based dub-rocker band Tunes of I have left a mark on the Australasian music circuit. The band recently signed with Australia based, 123 Agency after a tour with world-class dub band Ocean Alley.

Our reporter Rukuwai TIpene-Allen caught up with the band last night before they opened for Australian Band Sticky Fingers.

Guitarist Jules Blewman says, "We've just come back from Australia opening for a similar type of realm of music, Ocean Alley and tonight is pretty on par."

For these boys, their milestones are achieved by a lot more than just raw talent. 

Blewman says, "feels like when you're in that situation all the hard work and grind is finally getting you somewhere. Kinda just lucky and privileged."

They've taken their Jazz background and eclectic taste to create a unique sound.

Bassist Makura Tomoana, "We're kinda a smashed together a collection of stuff but I guess our roots are in Dub - Reggae and then we just expand out from there."

It was their passion and drive which attracted dub music company 123 agency to sign them up. 

Drummer Luther Hunt says, "We love it, we're creating music at practice. If we gig then we get to gig. We care about having a mean sound, its all important stuff, it goes towards the same goal."

The band tours Australia in August.