Turei goes head-to-head with Parata

Metiria Turei is on the warpath and Hekia Parata is the target. Not holding back on the bite Turei has called for the current Ministers resignation.

She says, “she should not be Education Minister, she is a proven failure.”

Indeed, Metiria Turei is the latest thorn in the Minister's side, admitting that she is lining herself up to go directly against her in Parliament.

If Hekia Parata is worried she wasn’t letting it show and responded to the call by saying, “Well, if that's what she wants to do then that is her decision.”

There's more than enough fuel to stoke Metiria’s flames of competiton.  Announced today was a figure of $5mil aimed at fixing Novopay, the payroll for teachers across the country.

Despite that, according to the "Mr Fix It" Minister, the problems won't end there, Steven Joyce says “we've identified expenditure of 2.5, we've got a contingency of five, but that expenditure is still being nailed down.”

Turei snapping back claiming, “we could feed most kids in most schools for that money. That is the cost of this debarcle.”

This morning, Steven Joyce directed the Ministry to send formal notices to the provider, Talent2, regarding breaches of contract and Joyce says that won't be the last, in the knowledge that the problems won't be resolved anytime soon.

Reporter: Maiki Sherman.