Tūrou Hawaiiki: Happy Star Wars Day

By Stefan Dimitrof

Today is International Star Wars Day celebrating the sci-fi series and its spin-offs, which have a huge Māori following.

"May the fourth be with you" has been adopted as a play on a famous Star Wars line, "May the force be with you".

Marcus Powell, a "superfan" and avid gamer joined Te Ao Tapatahi today to explain the hype and fandom that surrounds Star Wars.

Powell was introduced to the movies early on but, when he first read a Star Wars novel he said that was when he delved deep into the lore and myths in the stories.

“You look at them travelling through space and exploring new places. That's basically what Māori did. We basically went out and explored the Pacific. We have our waka on the ocean they have their waka in the stars.”

Powell said Star Wars influenced his career path into digital technology, teaching tamariki and rangatahi technology skills. “That interest into science fiction at an early age always had me interested in tech”.

“As things have progressed, science fiction has become science fact. It’s really exciting to see that new technology come out, which makes my job really cool cause I get to work with new digital tech."

Even though Powell doesn’t have a Star Wars costume or cos-play outfit, he celebrates by enjoying his collection of Star Wars memorabilia such as his Adidas Darth Vader shoes, his Lego Star Wars figurines and his large collection of Star Wars books and novels.