TVNZ proposes to outsource Māori and Pacific programmes

Some big changes are in store for TVNZ's Māori and Pacific programmes if proposed changes go ahead.

Today TVNZ announced, only Te Karere will be made in-house and independent producers will make all other productions from next year.

The Māori and Pacific programming department were told today that it would be closing down.  Nearly 30 staff positions are on the line.

A statement was released today by CEO TVNZ, Kevin Kendrick said, "We remain fully committed to reflecting New Zealand's unique cultural identity and diversity on screen and we respect our special role under legislation to do so.  The obligation is set, our commitment remains - what we want to do is to step aside from the in-house production of these programmes."

No one at TVNZ would comment on camera but this was posted on the Te Karere Facebook page.

"Many staff are angry and disappointed about the ending of a legacy within TVNZ.  Staff will continue to work on their programmes until there is more certainty around TVNZ's new proposal."

Staff are angry due to the loss of jobs this change will bring but will continue to work until the new proposal comes in.

Te Karere will continue and remain under TVNZ.  For shows like Waka Huia, Marae and Tagata Pasifika, it seems the sun has set on them.