Two funeral services will be held for Jonah Lomu

The family of Jonah Lomu spoke out for the first time today.

Media gathered outside the rugby legend's home in Auckland for the latest details of his funeral.

The Latter-Day Saints Church in Mt Roskill is where Lomu’s funeral is expected to be held.  

There will be two services.  One will be for the public followed by a private service and burial to farewell him.

Standing in solidarity today addressing media, the Lomu family appointed former All Blacks coach, John Hart, as family spokesman during this time of uncertainty for the family.

According to Hart, “We have agreed that there will be a public memorial service for Jonah and that will be followed by a family church service.”

“Obviously there are clear cultural wishes we would like to follow.  We have been in touch with the Tongan community, the Samoan community and the church,” said Hart.

In 2012, Jonah became a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  

Hart says, “It will almost certainly be a Morman service, but the memorial service will be a celebration.”

With 50,000 seats, Eden Park is the front runner to host the public commemoration to Jonah.

“Eden Park is certainly one of the venues that we are in discussions on.  We recognise that this could be one of the biggest occasions of its kind in New Zealand,” explained Hart.

The Queen also sent her regards to the Lomu family today.

Monday will see more details released by the family.  

Sources close to the Lomu family say there may be a memorial service at the Lomu family's Methodist church in Māngere tonight in remembrance of the most famous All Black to ever come out of their parish.