Update: Tai Wānanga parents vow to keep fighting for their school

By Regan Paranihi

Parents and guardians of Hamilton's Tai Wānanga school community are vowing to keep up the fight for the future of their school.

Last night in our exclusive report, Te Ao reported that Laurie Hakiwai, co-chair of Tai Wānanga board of trustees, said there is "a disagreement with a small number of whānau involved in the kura."  

However, Jeanne Kerr, representing the group of parents and guardians, has responded to say it is not a small group and more than 50 parents, legal guardians, staff members and past students signed the original complaint laid with the Ministry of Education more than four months ago. At that time, the school roll was at 120 students accounting for nearly 50 percent of the school community.  

Kerr says this situation has impacted heavily on both students and staff members.

In addition to that update, Te Ao put to the board co-chair Laurie Hakiwai that Jeanne Kerr disagrees that her group is a "small number of whānau."  Hakiwai responded this evening by saying "arohamai the board is unable to respond within the timeframe you have provided."