Urban City Hāngī pit is all set in Wellington as a legacy of the Lions tour

By Ani-Oriwia Adds

An urban city hāngī pit has been conceived in the centre of Wellington City and is the first of its kind in a city centre setting. It will become a permanent fixture on the waterfront as a legacy of the Lions Tour. The pit is in the middle of the Fan Zone for the Lions week in Wellington and It will be serving fans on test day, 1 July.

Operations Manager for the Wellington Regional Economic Development Agency WREDA Simon Perry says, "early on in the planning stages for the Lions tour we saw this area as the fan zone where the fans were going to gather. We were watching the wakas go out and we thought well how can we enhance the experience here, so we spoke to Paul, and from there grew the idea, (Hāngī pit)."

Manaaki Management owner Paul Retimanu says, "we were really fortunate that the partners that they are working with from WREDA which is part of Wellington City Council Wellington waterfront, they're sort of partners that came on board that really encouraged the idea and really wanted us to be at the forefront on the waterfront. We were fortunate that they were on board with it so to get the consents and everything across the line it was quite easy."

About 20,000 people are expected to visit the fan zone for the Lions week in Wellington on the first of July, and they will also be able to try some authentic Māori food.

Retimanu says that after the Lions Tour the hāngī pit will be a regular feature on the waterfront going through summer, so as opposed to the Sunday roast you can have Sunday Hāngī.