URUTĀ pandemic group calls for transparency

By Te Ao - Māori News

Māori who have tested positive for COVID-19 is currently sitting at a total of 56 and whānau are wanting more information around the specifics of that data.

Co-leader of the National Māori pandemic group, Dr Rawiri Jansen, says, their group URUTĀ was set up to provide expert health advice to the government and for whānau, hapū and iwi.

URUTĀ provides whānau with resources and key information that they can take back to their homes to help protect them and their families.

There is also specific information for marae, hapū and iwi that can help them in the rural communities.

They also provide the government with advice on how to best increase Māori survival through this pandemic. 

"URUTĀ, first started about 2-3 weeks ago in response to the lack of interest the Ministry of Health had towards Māori health experts," says Dr Jansen.

From epidemiologists, public health physicians, GPs - all Māori health experts in their respective fields were all advising the Ministry of Health (MoH) but it seems their calls fell on deaf ears.

There is some concern that MoH figures may be inaccurate hence the call from URUTĀ to show their figures.

Check out www.uruta.maori.nz for whānau to find out more information.