US Election - Americans react to new elected President

By Taiha Molyneux

Nations around the world are reacting to the election of Donald Trump as the new President of the United States of America. Despite political poll predictions, the Republic party won a clear majority of the nation's votes. Te Kāea is in Washington DC speaking to people there and gauging reaction to the results.

Despite election night starting off like this for the Democrats and Hillary Clinton supporters, the mood quickly changed as results began to come through.

Democrat candidate Hilary Clinton says, “We must accept this result and then look to the future. Donald Trump is going to be our president we owe him an open mind and the chance to lead.”

American voters have elected Donald Trump as their new President for the next four years.

US presidency winner Donald Trump said, “All people and all other nations we will seek common ground, not hostility, the partnership not conflict.”

So what do people here think about the result?

“I’m in a state of shock just a complete state of shock didn’t see this coming, of course, nobody saw this coming. Shock just utter disbelief and just about everyone else especially my office building when I came in they were absolutely in tears.”

“It was a shock I didn’t see it coming I have a lot of respect for Hillary Clinton. I think she actually had a very good plan I wish she had had an opportunity but that not to happen we have a democracy.”

“Elections ah to be honest man I wish Hillary would have won though but my question is, wonder what the benefits are gonna do for the kids. If we were to lose the benefits I have no clue. I wish Hillary would’ve won, though. Na actually I think Donald Trump will suck, though.”

While some are still at odds with the decision, others are ecstatic with the result.

“He is a really really really nice with a heart of the angel and he’s going to make completely different for everybody inside America. Economically security, national security inside security, law and order and business. I’m sure 100 percent he’s going to put a wall on the border and bring the security for our children and grandchildren and generation after generation.”

“There are large groups of people in the country, including people who live in rural areas including people who maybe are blue collar workers who maybe been left behind by the developments of international trade and the economies of large cities. I think many of those people have watched their good jobs leave the country. In my mind, they were the ones who provided the victory here for president-elected Trump.”

Reaction to the decision continues to grow across the world.

“You know at this point in time you have no idea. You don’t know if he’s gonna hold true with the things that he said. If he’s not gonna front if he’s gonna change it he seems to be unpredictable so you don’t know how to really take someone when they’re unpredictable. I have no idea.”

“Donald Trump I give you my word 100 percent he is going to ring great bug difference inside the Unites States. He’s going to be friendly with a good relationship with foreign people that’s what we need. I mean you have to be if you’re going to be tolerated and respect each other and he’s going to make a great big difference.”

Tomorrow, President-elected Donald Trump will meet with current President Barack Obama at the White House to go over the details of exchanging the presidency. Obama remains president here until January 20 next year. On that day, the power over this country will be handed to Donald Trump.