Veteran vows to stop attending ANZAC Day celebrations if NZ flag changes

By Heta Gardiner

The day we change our flag is the day Joe Glenn stops going to ANZAC Day ceremonies. 

That's the warning from former SAS soldier, and army veteran for 28 years, Joe Glenn, as New Zealanders ponder a flag change.

Harsh words from this former soldier, "If they change the flag, that's the last they'll see of Joe Glenn at ANZAC Day celebrations."

As a former SAS soldier, Glenn's feelings on the flag are as staunch as his fighting career.

"I don't know who came up with the dumb idea to change the flag.  We have so many other things to spend our money on, then on something that flies in the wind," he says.

The veteran says his feelings echo those of many soldiers.  He admits they are among the most vocal on anti-flag change sentiment. 

This comes after the government refused to bring back the remains of our soldiers killed in Malaya.  The thought is to bin the flag change and bring home the bodies from Malaysia.

"How much, $2mil?  No, $20mil?  $26mil, that's right!  We could bring all our soldiers remains back from overseas with that money," exclaims Glenn.

He has also put out the challenge so authorities can better take care of the families of those who died in battle.

"When we died there, what about our nannies, our grandfathers, our parents, brothers, sisters?  There is little consideration for us, then we are forgotten."

This year, a referendum will decide whether New Zealand changes its flag.