Victim of Whaleoil says PM must resign

By Maiki Sherman

"John Key must resign from the position of Prime Minister or at the very least be subject to a committee investigation."

The call comes following the release earlier this week of the New Zealand Security Intelligence Service's report, which confirmed the Prime Minister's office was heavily involved in orchestrating an attack by blogger, Cameron Slater, on the then leader of the Labour Party, Phil Goff.

Shane Bradbrook was also a former victim of the blogger, Cameron Slater, also known as WhaleOil, over his work for anti-tobacco group Te Reo Mārama.

Those actions by the Prime Minister's office has certainly come back to bite John Key this week.

Despite that though, the Prime Minister isn't walking away with his tail between his legs, rather he's taken a more hard-headed approach.

Shane Bradbrook says that's precisely why consequences are necessary.

Shane Bradbrook knows what it's like to be attacked by Cameron Slater. Bradbrook and his Māori anti-tobacco group were heavily criticised on the blogsite, WhaleOil.

“We lost contracts on it, we were questioned on our viability, credibility, despite us having a great record and meeting outcomes we were attacked constantly,” says Bradbroock.

Shane Bradbrook's group had been operating for over 10 years, brought to its knees and subsequent closure by the attacks on the WhaleOil blogsite.

Hence his frustration with the Prime Minister's dismissal of the role his office played in Cameron Slater's attack on Phil Goff. 

Like his beloved All Blacks, the Prime Minister was ducking and diving the entire week. In particular, over texting Cameron Slater the night before the SIS report on Phil Goff was released. 

Bradbrook says, “At the end of the day he may be the Prime Minister but that's his office, it has his name on it and those people implicated in that report should be held accountable.”

Next week the MPs will return to the Lions' Den where it seems another feast may be on the menu for the opposition.