Viral video puts Māori King's son back in spotlight

By Wikitōria Day

A video of the Māori King's son Korotangi Paki has emerged on Facebook and gone viral.

The video shows him intoxicated venting expletives after a disappointing decision on the kapa haka stage.

The situation has raised questions around the support needed by the young Māori royal who has been at the centre of some controversy lately.

Just recently Korotangi Paki escaped convictions for theft, robbery, burglary and drunk driving.

According to Clinical Psychologist, Pikihuia Pomare, “There are a lot of Māori boys who are faced with this problem. I don't know his culture.   Perhaps it’s a difficult issue for him.  However, I think that his age is what is troubling him.”

Ms Pomare believes Korotangi needs a robust system of support in order to move forward from the stigma of his past.

“To my knowledge, the support people are amongst his own family. There are also a number of health services that are provided for youngsters if they need the help. That’s the main thing, if they need support, there are people who can guide them.”