Vogue US secure front row seats at Kharl Wirepa showcase

By Taroi Black

Tomorrow, 2014 Supreme Māori Fashion Designer, Kharl Wirepa will make headlines after receiving a special email from Vogue in the US, wanting front row seats to his afternoon show. 

He burst into the NZ fashion industry only 3 years ago.  Te Kāea got up close with this flamboyant talent from Te Whānau a-Apanui. 

Fashion designer Kharl Wirepa will present his 2016 collection to some of the world's top fashion magazines. 

He says, “Vogue will be on the front row seat.”

The New York Times described the US magazine as "the world's most influential fashion magazine" and they want in on Wirepa's show tomorrow afternoon. 

“They emailed me and said hey we’d like to know if we can be front row at your show,” says Wirepa.

2014's Supreme Māori fashion designer believes that only the best of the best in the industry will attend his show.

He says, “It's all industry exclusive.  There's no sales for the tickets.  I’m not just representing my fashion house but I’m actually representing the style of our people.”

This is Wirepa's second appearance at NZ Fashion Week and states that other designers need to step up and compete on the world stage.

Wirepa says, “I just think that New Zealand isn't dramatic enough.  If we lack drama, well I don't, but a lot of people do.  I have a fetish for D’Monic Intent.  But I really love the drama that they put into their clothes and who they are themselves.”

His vision is to have a Haute Couture House and to take the industry to another level.