Wāhine in danger should "Leave the house, just go!"

By Tepara Koti

Despite stern nationwide isolation guidelines, Women's Refuge CEO Dr Ang Jury is telling women in unsafe situations to "leave the house, just go!"

Women's Refuge NZ are ramping up their services to protect women and children during isolation. 

Dr Jury says ensuring their safety is paramount.

"We need to be able to make sure they've got kai, that they've got whatever they need to keep themselves safe, warm, fed," she says.

The government's recent boost of $27mil to support services, like the Women's Refuge, is being well received.

"We don't quite know how much down the road is coming to us but government has indicated that they are willing to do whatever we need to do and they're going to help us with that," Dr Jury says.

Despite what international research suggests during a lockdown, refuge homes across the country are yet to see an influx in numbers. 

"We haven't seen any increase just yet but at this point in time I think people are just getting used to what the lockdown means for them."

Lockdown has presented many new scenarios for their service. 

"We are open for business, our services are going to look a little bit different but we're still there.

"So if you are unsafe - reach out. If you're really unsafe and you think you're in physical danger, leave the house - just go. 

"Just because we're in lockdown doesn't mean to say you have to remain unsafe."

Most important is for those in a vulnerable situation to reach out.

*If you need help, call 0800 REFUGE or 0800 733 843, or if you're in danger, call 111.