Wāhine Māori focus of Police's new recruitment campaign

By Kelvin McDonald
Credit / NZ Police

Police have launched a new recruitment campaign, Puhikura, specifically directed towards wāhine Māori.

The campaign is part of a targeted approach to ensure the police workforce reflects Aotearoa's general population profile, a Police Ten One Magazine report says.

Wāhine Māori are 8.4 per cent of the general population but just 3.7 per cent of the constabulary workforce. By comparison, Māori men are 8.1 per cent of the population and 9.8 per cent of the constabulary workforce, the report says.

The new campaign was launched on Thursday by Police Commissioner Andrew Coster and features a series of videos in which five wāhine Māori speak about their motivations for joining the Police. Four of the five are in the recruitment pipeline and one is a serving officer.

"This campaign has set out to deliver an honest and open look at some of the barriers and reservations wāhine Māori have in joining us,” Coster said.

“We acknowledge there are challenges for us to attract wāhine Māori into a policing career, for a range of historical and current reasons.

“We hope to learn more from the kōrero that this campaign generates – about how best to improve our relationship with Māori, our recruitment processes, and our support to Māori once they've joined us.”

WATCH Ario's story.  Credit / NZ Police

WATCH Iritana's story.  Credit / NZ Police

WATCH Samantha's story.  Credit / NZ Police

WATCH Shaquana's story.  Credit / NZ Police

WATCH Desiree's story.  Credit / NZ Police