Waiariki voters urge Labour to follow through on regional transport policy

Waiariki voters are urging the Labour Party to follow through on their promises. This comes after Jacinda Ardern announced Labour's regional $20 million transport policy in Tauranga.

Tauranga put on a celebrity welcome for Jacinda Ardern at Labour's regional transport policy announcement.

Labour's latest policy announcement includes the establishment of a $20 million passenger service between Auckland, Hamilton and Tauranga.

It’s an idea being welcomed by Waiariki voters.

Te Patuwai, Ngāti Awa descendant Ruihi Shortland says, "I'm living in Tauranga this year but I'm working in Auckland, so I think it's a great idea."

Waiariki kaumātua Keneti Te Whainga Kennedy says, "Don't bother with driving on the roads, bring back the passenger trains on the railway lines."

However, voters say Labour needs to follow through on their promises.

Te Patuwai descendant Reremoana Rota says, "It's easy for Labour to announce a policy and it's good to hear, but if they get into government, they need to follow through."

It is hoped that the rail will bring in employment.

Rota says, "Repairing the railway line and getting it up to standard will generate employment for our youth."

 "There will be many employment opportunities for us and our youth to go and work on the railway tracks from here right through to Auckland," adds Te Whainga Kennedy.

National has responded to the announcement with Tauranga MP Simon Bridges calling the policy 'unrealistic'.