Waikato police appeal to motorists to slow down following multiple accidents in the region

After 13 reported vehicle crashes in the Waikato District today, Police are appealing to motorists in the region to slow down and drive carefully.

The crashes occurred between 8am and 11am this morning and while Police say there have been no fatalities, a driver in a crash earlier this morning in Te Kuiti had to be airlifted to hospital.

Police say, “A common denominator is that vehicles are skidding off the road, which would suggest that too many people are driving too fast and inattentively for the road and weather conditions. “

Weather has been identified as a possible contributor to the incidents and more bad weather is expected throughout the week.

According to Police, there is no glaring pattern for the location as they’re occurring in the city and in the rural area and Police are stepping up prevention and enforcement patrols.