Waikato River added to Google Street View

By Regan Paranihi

From 1.30pm today people will be able to access and view the Waikato River on Google Street View.

The Waikato is the first river in New Zealand to be launched on Google Street View.

People will be able to navigate the entire 425km length of the river from its southern point at Mt Ruapehu to its northern point in Port Waikato.

A Google Street View 'Trekker' was installed on a number of boats to capture the awa in all its beauty to get a unique water perspective.

The Waikato River is the longest river in New Zealand and is known to be the heart of the Waikato tribes.

Waikato River Festival Director Craig Muntz says, “We are extremely thankful for the community support received which has in turn resulted in the production of a community resource that also offers a great platform for sharing the story of the river and our region with nearly every bend on the river having a rich story to tell.”