Waikato school students recreate history through music and dance

By Taroi Black

School students from the Waikato region are banding together to recreate history through music and dance.  The production “A Change in Time” will premiere during next week's Coronation and it looks at land confiscation events that took place 20 years ago.

The theme is inspired by the film “Happy Feet”.

Keihana Kingi Takoko says, “The play is like Happy Feet. It's supposed to be uplifting. Despite our ups and downs both stories flow the same way.”

It's a show to pay homage to those who fought for Waikato Tainui during the confiscation between the crowns.

Keihana Kingi Takoko says, “All our schools have been staying together with one vision.”

We want our elders to see that the next generation is going to be okay.

A few prominent figures from the Tainui Waka will play a big part in their story, like captain Hoturoa and his wife Whakaotirangi.

The story also includes figures from Te Kīngitanga.

Ora Kihi says, “We want the iwi to see that our kids have a huge understanding in regards to the confiscations, but with a twist in terms of theatre and entertainment.”

Kids from various Māori schools in Tainui have been rehearsing for a month.

So hold on to your seats, they'll showcase their story at Te Wharekura o Rakaumangamanga next week Wednesday.