Waikato snatch win over Counties-Manukau at touch nationals

By Wikitōria Day

Two outstanding teams made an appearance in the final of the National Touch Tournament held recently in Papakura.

Counties-Manukau and Waikato went head-to-head in the Open Men's division and it was Waikato who were named champions.

All eyes were on what was one of the most important matches of the competition.

Waikato came out raring to go and it wasn't long before they put the first lot of points on the board.

Counties was keen to score again, and soon after, one of the players swooped down to the try line.

It looked as though Waikato was comfortable with their game play.

They came back and scored their second try of the match.

Waikato proved too fast for their opposition, with another try in right hand corner.

The crowd was impressed by this try by Counties, with one of their players flying over the try line.

Waikato tried to find an open space making it easier to score, and they did.

However, Counties made a quick comeback.  Waikato wasn't going to let Counties take the win, and yet another point was awarded to them.

Counties scored the easiest try of the match.  At the arrival of the second half, both teams were fired up for the win.

Try after try, Waikato scored the most points in the second half.

Counties staged a comeback, but it wasn't enough, Waikato winning 9-7.