Waikato's mountain of tyres

Amongst the natural springs, creeks, ponds and native bush, close to a million tyres lace this 61ha property.

This week in the Hamilton District Court, the previous owner of the property, Ross Britten, was convicted and fined more than $77,000. 

According to the Council's investigation, Mr Britten was paid to pick up old tyres from tyre outlets, but the tyre outlets didn't know he was wrongfully disposing of them, and burying them here on this property.

The Council says the leaching of the tyres could have the potential to contaminate the Mangapiko stream, a stream that eventually meets local Waikato fishing grounds at Lake Whangape. 

Patrick Lynch from the Waikato Regional Council says, "It would be very dependent on what contamination it was, or what quantity, and what the rain and waterflow was doing at the time."

You'd think it would put any buyer off, but land owner Phil Aish says it's one of the cheapest and best purchases he's ever made.

He says "It's great from swimming, for kayaking, kids spend the hot days down there.  We've got a couple of springs out of the cliff (with) beautiful clear water."  That "it's his new paradise."

Reporter: Heeni Brown