Wairoa Mayor provides safety after multiple shootings

By Mare Haimona-Riki

Wairoa Mayor, Craig Little offered comforting words to residents, in response to the shootings that occurred in the Hawkes Bay town a little over two weeks ago.

Shortly after 11 pm on Saturday 19th of October , a single shot was fired at the door of a police officer's home. Then on Sunday night about 9.25 pm, two shots, thought to be from a shotgun, were fired at the Wairoa Police station.

Since the incident, a 23-year-old man has been arrested on firearm charges, but has not been identified as being directly involved in the Police property shootings.

Craig Little reassured the safety of the town and the family involved in the incident:

“The police have got full support. We've got full numbers, the police have absolutely made the town feel quite safe with the recent attacks in town. To be quite honest, my wife runs a holiday home up on the farm, I’ve offered the family that was shot at, at the house a couple of nights or two up in the farm, so the whole community is behind the police and the people affected, and we don't want these idiots in town, it's as simple as that."