Waitangi celebrations to stay on Waitangi Grounds

By Jessica Tyson

They are no strangers to protest and calling others to account. But two matriarchs of the North say the Waitangi celebrations are now where they should be.  

“Bringing the Governor General up here has been the right thing to do. She was so badly treated last year by Te Tii Marae that I felt it was necessary to go to Ngapuhi and ask for this kaupapa to be shifted back to this marae,” says Titewhai Harawira

She also says, "I don’t feel torn about being here or at Te Tii or somewhere else. Whatever we decide to have at Te Tii marae that’s fine."

Naida Glavish says she agrees with the decision to return the celebrations to the Treaty grounds due to the rich history and the purpose of why it stands today.

"I think it should be held here because of the history of this place and so we return to the purpose of why this place is here, which is for everyone."

She also says despite the fact of the official pōhiri returning to the grounds can cause issues for Te Tii Marae, she supports seeing it back there permanently.

"I will never regret for the official welcome to return there. That’s another issue for Te Tii, but I support it being held here every year.

Harawira says, "The move back here is feeling great."