Waka Ama Nationals exceeds expectations

By Wikitōria Day

More than 8000 people have congregated on Lake Karāpiro this week for the annual Waka Ama competition 2014. This year also marks the 25th Anniversary of this prestigious event.

Over 2, 800 paddlers will compete throughout the week and 54 clubs from all over New Zealand have attended.

According to Lara Collins, Chief Executive of Waka Ama New Zealand, the number of paddlers and clubs has increased this year and it has been the biggest event since its inception. She is also astonished at the number of children who have been eager to partake in Waka Ama during recent years. There are a greater number of children competing this year than there has ever been.

The number of teams belonging to one club has also increased. There are now 10 teams under the Maketu Hoe Waka club from Tauranga and 45 teams from the Hoe Aroha Whānau o Mauao Waka Ama club.

Below are the results from yesterday’s sprint finals:

J16 Women 1000

First place: Whetumatarau – 5:36

Second Place: Karawhiua- 6:01

Third place: Tiare Māori- 6:02

J16 Men W6 1000

First place: Awhiowhio Te Toki Voyage Trust- 5:16

Second place: Turama Auika- 5:19

Third place: Push to the max- 5:23

Int Women W6 1000

First place: Hinekura- 6:12

Second place: Pare Waikato- 6:26

Third place: Puketirini Whetū- 6:34

Int Mens W6 1000

First place: Duck Rockers- 5:58

Second place: Ngā Aukaha- 6:18

Third place: Pukerau- 6:28

J16 Men - W6 500

First place: Push to the Max- 2:05:08

Second place: FMB aka For My Brothers- 2:05:35

Third place: Awhiowhio- 2:05:60

For all the finals sprints follow this link as they will be uploaded as they take place on our website.