Waka Ama race in full force

By Rahia Timutimu

In one of the last long distance races of the year, everyone was out to claim the top prize.

More than 100 paddlers from more than 15 teams came to compete at the Waikato Awa Race, the competition was first started in the 90s, and the organisers say they're thrilled with the turn-out.

Women's and men's teams competed in W6, as well as singles and W2 waka.  The races were from 18km to 30km.  One team to look out for was Tai Paddles, who has entered every long distance race in NZ this year.

Their main aim is to compete and do well at the Waka Eiva held in Rarotonga in November.

With paddlers like these, there's no doubt the Waikato Awa race is here to stay.