Waka theatre spectacle to impress

Wellingtonians will be treated to a waka spectacle like no other in the first waka theatre performance of its kind in Aotearoa that will honour the ancient navigator Kupe.

Over 1000 haka performers and four-waka hourua from across Aotearoa and the Pacific will be taking part in the hope of sharing and educating locals in the ancient practice.

A landmark celebration of New Zealand's shared voyaging history inspired by the great navigator and explorer Kupe, who arrived at these shores nearly 700 or more years ago. 

Organisers are calling it a once in a lifetime event. Waka have travelled as far as Samoa through cyclones to get here.  The event includes star performances from Maisey Rika, Trinity Root's Warren Maxwell and a 1000-man haka performance. 

Kerr hopes the event will act as a vehicle to revitalising old history in the region.

The festival doesn't end here.  Waka will take a journey to Pētone Beach for community activities that include cleaning up the coastline before their big sail to the Chathams.