Wake up your tamariki. Māori lessons start here at 9.30am!

By Te Ao - Māori News

Māori Television is launching the second series of Mauri Reo Mauri Ora to entertain and educate kōhanga reo and primary school kids, today from 9.30am.

Teacher-presenter Ani-Piki-Tuari told Te Ao Mārama last night children should be up by 9am to get ready for the Māori language at 9.30am.

“There are a lot of lessons, there are songs, new words, new proverbs, new places and you even get to learn how to exercise. All aspects of the Māori world are taught in this show.”

Mauri Reo Mauri Ora proved really popular during last year’s lockdown and Tuari is excited it’s back “because there hasn't been a programme which teaches te reo Māori for our children before.

“That's perhaps why our children have enjoyed the content.”

And she would like to see more programmes like this one out there.

‘More shows needed’

The show features three presenters Tuari, Juneea Amohia Silbery and Te Korau Whangataua, who are all reo Māori teachers.

Tuari admits teaching on television has its challenges.

“You don't have anybody physically there to interact with. That's one thing that makes our language beautiful, is that our language is shared. That's what will improve their language.

“It's difficult but every time I host the show I think about my nieces and nephews and others. It's like putting on a show for my nieces and nephews as if they're in front of me.”

She also believes the programme will be helpful for reo teachers, given the heavy demands for learning te reo.

“Our teachers are under a lot of pressure to meet their students' requests. So this is would be a helpful resource for them.

“We need to have more of these types of shows to meet the requests, needs and aspirations of the parents, children and all those on the te reo Māori journey. This would certainly assist in meeting those aspirations.”