Wally Haumaha recognised for services to Police and Māori with ONZM

By Ani-Oriwia Adds

Behind the uniform and the staunch exterior is a whānau man with a passion for his culture and his people. Wally Haumaha received news that his years of work in The New Zealand Police Force facilitating partnerships in New Zealand's ethnically diverse communities will be recognised in the Queens Birthday Honours List with an ONZM.

He has been at the forefront of leading and building New Zealand Police cross-cultural capacity since 1996.  His work in facilitating partnerships in New Zealand’s ethnically diverse communities is recognised here and overseas.

Haumaha says, “I'm really honoured that our community have recognized that this work is a testimony to the significant work that's gone on over the years and it also recognizes the most important people who have helped us in our journey.

“The driving force for me has been my children making sure that they are safe in the future my mokopuna lying in this crib here in her bassinet and every other Maori child who has the right to be bought up in this country and be protected by the law.”

"That whole kaupapa Māori thing I have become totally ensconced entrenched in it because as Uncle Api said to me when I decided I would like to become a district commander one day he said to me if you're thinking of going out into a district think again because you need to stay at the top of the organization and be the voice for our people."

He says that in 2020 he plans to retire and become a full-time koro to his mokos, but until then there's a lot more work to be done.