The Warehouse offer extra paid leave to combat family violence

By Taroi Black

The Warehouse, one of New Zealand's biggest employers, is offering paid leave to its 12,000 staff in a move to combat the many victims of family violence.

Victims of domestic violence often find holding down work very difficult.

General Manager, Paul Walsh says, “I think we had a role to play in helping an issue as important to the nation in Domestic Violence.”

One of New Zealand's top retailers has announced that its staff will be entitled to an extra 10 days off a year on top of existing leave.

Walsh says, “I am aware of some instances where, for our team members' sake, we had to relocate them to another store, who have been victims of domestic violence.”

According to the PSA 2013 survey, more than half of the respondents of domestic violence reported being in paid employment at the time.

The Warehouse Group alongside Women's Refuge legislated a paid leave initiative on its recommendation.

Vi Piripi from Women’s Refuge says, “What’s going on at home automatically transfers to what’s going on at work.  However some people try and hide that because they’re scared of maybe losing their job.”

On top of their existing leave, staff will be able to get medical treatment, attend court and seek refuge without the burden of financial pressure.