Warning to be vigilant online

By Piripi Taylor

Canterbury Police are encouraging people to exercise caution when conducting themselves online and think twice about sharing private information.
Once these images are obtained, a scammer may attempt to extort money by threatening to release these images into the public arena and to their family, friends or employer. 

  • Never share a photo of yourself that you wouldn't want anyone else to see.
  • If you receive an email that appears to be from a bank, government organisation or other agency but you are unsure of its authenticity, phone them to check if the email is legitimate.
  • Check your privacy settings online to ensure your address, full name, workplace etc are not available.
  • Never respond to a request for money or financial information via an online dating app or website

Anyone who believes they are a victim of any crime, in person or online, should report the matter to their local police. 
Netsafe also provides helpful advice and information on their website.