Warning to expect 'many more Māori cases'

By Te Ao - Māori News

Māori have recorded the highest number of Delta cases in one day, according to Professor Rawiri Taonui in a statement Sunday evening.

"Māori make up 30 of the 60 new cases today. This is the highest single-day total for Māori during the Delta outbreak," Professor Taonui says.

"Māori cases are rising steadily higher after two surges, from September 14 and from September 29.

"Over the last week, there have been 252 new cases, 124 are Māori, 49 are Pasifika.

"This is a key indicator to expect many more Māori cases," he warned.

Pacific Peoples

Professor Taonui says Pasifika are decreasing as Māori numbers grow.

"Pasifika have 12 new cases today. This is the 11th consecutive day with 12 or fewer cases and a tribute to the strength of the Pacific response to the high number of Delta case in the Pacific community."

However, "Pasifika remain the highest demographic impacted by Delta with 56.1% (891 of 1,587) of all Delta cases," he says.