Warriors get themselves into 'vicious cycle', coach Nathan Brown says

By Kelvin McDonald
Credit / nrl.com-Sky Sports

Coach Nathan Brown is unimpressed by the Warriors come from behind 32-30 loss to the Rabbitohs in Brisbane on Saturday, squarely focused on their horror start in which they were down 26-0 shortly before halftime. 

"Purely in the last month, I don't really like what I've seen as a footie club, if I'm being honest with you," Brown said after the game.

There are two ways the Warriors can look at their performance against the Rabbitohs, he said.

"We can look at the comeback and nearly getting there. I think we dropped it over the line a couple of times in the second half.

"Or I could focus on the first half and, to be honest, as a coach I've got to focus more on what happened in the first half because that’s certainly not where you want to be as a football club," Brown said.

"That first 20 minutes or 25 minutes, the amount that it was, that product is not where we want to be."

"The juice comes out of them when we get ourselves in that vicious cycle. And we leaked one or two easy tries, then all of a sudden you're chasing your tail aren't you."

Brown says the team's poor starts is a worrying feature of their game. 

"We don't want to be a team that doesn't start games well, ends up a fair way behind on the scoreboard, then has a great fightback but gets beat." 

The Warriors have now lost four of their past five games. Their next game is away to St George on Saturday.