Warriors ready to tackle Bulldogs

By Ruth Smith

With three more games to go in the regular season, Coach Stephen Kearney says that clear focus is what will keep the Warriors in the top eight.

"My focus is on making sure we prepare them well enough and put them in the right mindset," says Kearney

The Warriors are set to face off against the Canterbury Bulldogs this Sunday.

"We recognise what our strengths are as a footy team and I think defensively over the last couple of weeks, I think that's been a pretty good sign for us, it worked for us earlier on in the year and obviously we have some guys who carry the ball really strongly," he says.

Kearney is happy with the performance of his team over the last two rounds.  He says that if they keep their clear focus they will be able to achieve their goals.

"What the guys have created in terms of the way they've played, particularly over the last couple of weeks, is competition for spots- that's what we're after."

The Warriors have had plenty of injury woes throughout the season but Kearney's perspective remains positive.

"If players are fit and ready to go and they've been given the all clear by the medical team, if they're in the seventeen, I'll pick them.  If they're good enough, I'll pick them," he says.

The game kicks off at 4pm (NZ time) at ANZ Stadium in Sydney.