Water restrictions are in place in Gisborne

By Te Kuru o te Marama Dewes

Gisborne residents are being encouraged to restrict water use following a burst pipe that's the main town water supply.

Gisborne District Council Mayor Meng Foon says, “Don't wash your cars, or fill up your swimming pools, be mindful of your water use.”

Around 13,000 homes rely on the town water supply, affecting over 40,000 Gisborne residents.

Working on site, Fulton Hogan foreman John Burkhardt says, “(We’re) just letting some water, some air get out of the line as well as becoming like a scour valve that releases some rubbish that we might have put in the line or however.”

 “We've started using the second water system at Waipaoa, that's what we're doing at the moment”, says Mayor Foon.  

The Gisborne District Council says although the water is harder and may taste different it's safe to drink.

 “We've researched the water and there are no toxins, you can still drink it. If you have concerns, you can boil it before having a cup of tea”, says Mayor Foon.

A three-day investigation is underway, after which the GDC will release findings.