Waterspout spotted on the Gulf Harbour

updated By Regan Paranihi

Today was just another ordinary day for Jesse Rudolph until he noticed something he describes as a blessing, from the sky to the water.

He took a closer look and realised it was a waterspout.  Rudolph and his colleagues stopped what they were doing and headed outside to witness this rare work of nature.

He says, “Yes we working out here on Rakino, and I was having a word to one of the boys about the job when I noticed behind his head a water spout.  At first I thought it was a jet flying over then noticed it went all the way down to the ocean.  At that point I told everyone to drop tools and we ran to the front deck to find this!”

Waterspouts are tornado-like formations which occur above water.  

Rudolph says the experience made his day and he just wanted to share what he had seen.

He says, “I posted it straight to the Waiheke community page to see if anyone else had any pics.”

Rudolph says he has enjoyed the reactions to his video and that the waterspout was a 'blessing'.