Watties decides to stop using Māori place names

breaking By Mahina Hurkmans
Te Rarawa business owner, Anton Matthews, owner of FUSH in Christchurch / Source - Anton Matthews Facebook Page.

American owned Heinz Wattie's has notified Te Ao that they will no longer be using their parodies of Māori place names. 

A spokesperson from Heinz Wattie's says that there was no intention to cause offense:

"Those who have responded to it have overwhelmingly treated it in this way."

"The campaign was designed simply as a fun campaign celebrating all things New Zealand, including our diverse cultures, place names and food.

Te Rarawa entrepreneur, Anton Matthews, owner of FUSH in Christchurch says:

"When I saw those billboards, I was somewhat annoyed because it belittled te reo Māori, and encouraged incorrect pronunciation of Māori place names and words."