'We need to be upfront, whānau are battling'

By Kelvin McDonald
Source / Bay of Plenty Times

Whānau are battling to make ends meet and we need to be upfront about it, Ngāi Te Rangi leader Roimata Ah Sam says, as the impact of a looming recession begins to hit home. 

The Ngāi Te Rangi deputy chief executive says she is being asked what a recession would mean for whānau most impacted, a Bay of Plenty Times report says.

In her mind, that indicated ''we are escalating through this faster than anyone comprehended''.

''A recession for you means the stew on your table tonight is probably going to be vegetarian tomorrow. We need to be upfront that a recession is here and our families who are impacted the most are battling it today whether we know it or not," Ah Sam says.

''No amount of forecasting and no amount of number crunching is going to change that.''

Ah Sam says some whānau she is aware of are struggling to pay their bills and buy food and petrol.

''They are ashamed to talk about it and becoming isolated.''