We wanted to work with Billy Te Kahika, not for him – NZ Outdoors Party

updated By Bronson Perich

Sue Grey, co-leader of the NZ Outdoors Party, explains why the party didn’t join the NZPP/Advance NZ alliance.

“We actually invited NZPP Billy (Te Kahika) to join us,” Grey says.

“But we said ‘Billy come and work with us. Billy’s offer was to work for Billy.”

Instead Te Kahika's party is in alliance with Jamie-Lee Ross' Advance New Zealand.

But it has offered to work with Hannah Tamaki's VisionNZ and obtained agreement till Tamaki suddenly changed her mind.

Both NZPP and VisionNZ have been contacted for comment.

Meanwhile, Grey explained the difference between NZOP and the Greens.

"The Greens seem to have gone down more of a corporate route in recent years," Grey says.

"We're really filling the niche that's been left behind."

Going all out to contest Māori seats

Last election they fielded four candidates in general seats across the country. This time round there are more than 20 candidates in Māori and general seats.

The Outdoors Party is standing three candidates in Māori electorates. Kiri McKee from Ngāi Tūhoe is contesting Te Tai Hauauru and Rawiri Te Kowhai of Te Arawa is contesting the Waiariki seat. Kelly Thurston is contending Ikaroa-Rāwhiti.

Sue Grey is contesting the Nelson seat. She wants to win Nelson from incumbent National veteran MP Nick Smith so she can bring more of her party list into the Beehive. Eight candidates will fight it out for the Nelson hot seat. Grey hopes her extensive legal work in the Nelson area will earn her the recognition needed to win.

ACT is fielding Chris Baillie; Rachel Boyack is fronting for Labour; Deon Claassens stands for ONE; Simon Gutschlag is the New Conservative contender. Mathew Pottinger is the TOP candidate and Aaron Stallard represents the Greens.