Wellington City Mission plays Santa

By Ripeka Timutimu

At this time of year, the Wellington City Mission has a few extra special gifts to uplift those who most need it.

Michelle Braney is one of the many helpers sharing the Christmas spirit for those in need.

Her team has already created around 400 boxes for various families.  Each box contains items such as toys, food and parcels with essential bits and pieces for Christmas.

The Commissioner for Children, Dr Russell Wills, recently released a report showing that Māori are still over-represented in poverty statistics.  It's hoped organisations like this can help lighten that burden.

According to Percy Robertson, “There are many organisations who donate presents like toys and food to help those families during Christmas and throughout the year.”

With less than two weeks left until the big day, Michelle and her army of helpers have already begun distributing the special packages, but she says there's still time left to donate.

It's hoped this work will put smiles on the faces of families in need on Christmas Day.