Wellington Free Ambulance gears up for busy new year's eve

In the countdown to 2017, Wellington Free Ambulance paramedics and 111 communication centre staff are gearing up for a big night.

“New Year’s Eve is generally like an extra busy Saturday night,” says Wellington Free Ambulance head of field operations Geoff Procter.

“Lots of people leave Wellington for the holidays, so we’re not as busy as some parts of the country, but we get ready just the same.”

Wellington Free Ambulance will have six extra paramedics and three additional ambulances prepared for the expected revellers. 

They will also have between six and eight additional call takers on duty in the communication centre from 6.30pm New Year’s Eve through to 6.30am New Year’s Day.

In addition, a paramedic clinical advisor will work overnight in the communication centre to provide proficient medical advice and oversight.

“It’s our job to get people the help they need in an emergency, so we always plan ahead to make sure we’ve got things covered,” Mr Procter says.

He and the crew are expecting an eventful night as people enjoy the celebrations, but they are warning the public to keep their wits about them.

“If you’re going out drinking, just take it easy. Drink plenty of water, remember to eat, look after your mates, and enjoy what our cool little Capital and region has to offer.

“Hopefully you won’t have any need to call on us, but it you do, we’ll be here to help.”