"We're already poor and you're robbing us" - fuel tax fury

Auckland commuters are demanding answers around how the projected $150 million dollars per year gained by Auckland Council through fuel tax will be spent over the next ten years, with some saying the tax is forcing people further into poverty.

One commuter told Te Kāea, "Rising petrol prices suck.  Come on, low socio-economic area and you wanna raise prices?  That's bad. Talk about poverty, you're causing more poverty by raising that bull****."

The 11.5c per litre petrol tax is ruffling feathers.

"It's not good, I'm a student so I have no money anyway so upping the gas price means I'll have even less money."

Auckland Council has said it'll raise more than $150mil a year to be put towards transport projects, including improving bus services and building a light rail system to the airport.

However, people have their doubts.

"Before this happened they took away a lot of public transport and arterial routes for buses and they've only bought one back in terms of the 487 route.  When you talk about public transport and accessibility, is it accessible?"

"To be honest I haven't seen much details in terms of the plan so my concern is probably more of, 'yeah, we don't mind paying the money but we have to know where the money's being spent?"

Auckland Transport says plans for the light rail have not been finalised at this stage, but according to drafts, the route will go from Wynyard Quarter, along Queen St, then Dominion Rd to Mt Roskill, along SH20 to Onehunga, then back on SH20 to Mangere then turning off to the airport.

Te Kāea contacted the Auckland Council for further comment but they did not respond.