West Auckland shares the Christmas spirit

By Rukuwai Tipene-Allen

In amongst the hype of Christmas, many families may feel the sting of the holiday season. West Auckland communities have come together to bring a little cheer this Summer.

The festive season is here. The sun's out and the everyone is feeling the Christmas Spirit. But Christmas is not easy on everyone. So the community thought they would step in.

If you can't take your families out it can be quite depressing. So to be able to put your kids on a Ferris wheel is good. The Henderson Massey Local board has put $30,000 to the event in the hope of easing the pull of the holiday season. With the 2nd highest Māori population in the city, the local board is confident this will have a direct effect on Māori children in the area.

The community is looking at bringing a Māori Santa to the Christmas next year