Westlake Boys High haka competition

By Taroi Black

2,000 students from Westlake Boys High School took part in their annual haka competition between six houses today.

The unique initiative, which brings diverse cultures together through haka, is the biggest haka show on the North Shore.

Each house performs the same haka, which is the school's anthem, with pride. 

After each performance, two houses are handpicked and made to perform a 'haka off'. 

The annual competition has been running for the past 10 years and the school's principal believes other schools would benefit from a similar event in their curriculum. 

Meanwhile, the school's cultural group will join forces with Westlake Girls High School and debut in the upcoming ASB Polyfest Division 1 competition after making the top four in Divison 2 last year.

The ASB Polyfest will showcase the debutants on March 17.