Weta Workshop Cave celebrates 12th birthday

By Kelvin McDonald , Micah Thompson
Weta Cave celebrates 12 years - Photo / Weta Cave (Facebook)

Weta Workshop's popular Weta Cave has celebrated its 12th birthday.

The Miramar-based Weta Cave ticked up the birthday milestone in Wellington Saturday, with fans enjoying small bubble tours in keeping with Covid-19 restrictions.

As itswebsite says, Weta Cave is "a must-see for film buffs and lovers of cool stuff."

There was "cake, cookies and lots of cheer and celebration," says Hobbit fan Axl Scott.

The 'cool stuff' on show at Weta Workshop.  Source / Weta Wokshop (YouTube)

There were personal highlights for those who enjoyed the day.

"My highlights were seeing Rocco the Cat (owned by a nearby resident), completing my set of Hobbit mini-epics. I did have Samwise and Gollum. I have now added Merry, Pippin and Frodo. And just the atmosphere itself, it's always a fantastic slice of heaven at the cave," says Scott, who made a video of his journey out to Weta Cave for his YouTube channel, Lexa Dixon.

Weta Cave was reopened to the public in mid-May following the lockdown.  Weta Workshop typically welcomes upward of 200,000 annual visitors. Weta Cave is part of Weta Workships, which comes up with concepts and designs for  creative industries from film, TV and gaming to themed attractions and collectables.