Whakatāne election tie to be decided by hat draw

updated By Te Ao - Māori News

The Galatea-Murupara ward of the Whakatane District Council election race is still ongoing and in doubt despite the release of the official election results.

Two candidates have drawn an equal amount of votes both Hinerangi Goodman and Alison Silcock received 262 votes each in the final and official election results count.

Meanwhile the other candidate Jackie Te Amo received 164 votes. 

Progress results had incumbent councilor Silcock ahead by seven votes, with preliminary results giving Silcock an extra two votes going ahead by nine votes.  However the special votes gave Goodman nine more votes with both candidates placing first equal.

Goodman has told Te Ao Māori news that she is waiting for legal advice about the draw and is hoping to be informed about the process forward shortly.

At 4pm this afternoon either a coin flip or pulling the names out of a hat will determine who will sit as the rep for the Galatea-Murupara Ward in the Whakatāne district Council.

After the final votes were counted, former Māori broadcaster Hinerangi Goodman and fellow candidate Allison Silcock were first equal, with 262 votes a piece. The Electoral Officers for the Whakatāne District Council Dale Ofsoske confirmed with Te Ao that the process for breaking the tie will be by either flipping a coin or by pulling the names out of a hat, the latter being his preferred option.

Te Ao cameras will be on site for the dramatic end to determine who will take the seat, this afternoon.