A whānau affair: Seven siblings in four different rōpū

Pihitahi Whauwhau is the proud mother of seven children who are performing for four different kapa haka teams at this year's Te Matatini festival.   

She says it may be challenging keeping track of all of them, but it's something she's happy to do.

“It's a big job to organise where these children are, where those ones are going. My job in the family is to look after the babies and that's what I'm going at this Te Matatini,” says Pihitahi Whauwhau.

Yesterday, the first of her seven children performed for Tūtara Kauika of Mātaatua. 

Today, two performed with Te Hikuwai of Te Arawa. 

Her daughter is the female leader for the current champions Te Whānau a Apanui.  Her daughter says she is grateful for mum's support. 

Pihitahi Whauwhau says, “They have heated discussions between themselves. After their practices, they will phone each other and ask if their practice was good, and their one was better, and that is good.”

Tomorrow, her three remaining sons will perform for Te Kāheru Matarau a Hauā.