Whānau Fit soothes study stress

By Regan Paranihi

With exam season just around the corner, many students find it to be a stressful time cramming in last minute study sessions.

To help ease the stress, Te Rakau Ture (Māori Law Students Association) Sports Officer from the University of Auckland, Awanuiarangi Morris, has established a stress release activity Whānau Fit, for students who may be under the pump and have no time to keep up with a balanced lifestyle. 

Whānau Fit is a Thursday morning fitness group set up to give students the opportunity to balance out their study gains with physical gains. 

“We thought it would have been a great idea to run some fitness classes for everyone. Not only to encourage whakawhanaungatanga but also to encourage physical fitness because as students its very stressful there’s a lot of emotional things going on as well as helping your Taha Tinana it can also help with your Taha Hinengaro,” says Morris.

Students from both Te Rakau Ture and Ngā Tauira Māori o Tamaki Makaurau longed for an initiative like this, and are ecstatic it's finally come into fruition. 

“All you need to start up a kaupapa is support. I think the Māori community, although it’s quite small at Auckland University, when they get behind the kaupapa the kaupapa is always good and its always a lot of fun.”

Morris says during this time of the year stress levels tends to rise to an all-time high and that most students tend to forget about their physical well-being.

“I think it’s a good way to switch on and start your day and prepare for the things you need to do, like study, and it gets the blood pumping.”

Whānau Fit is a free Thursday morning fitness class at Albert Park for students of all ages, shapes and sizes.

Visit the Ngā Tauira Māori o Tamaki Makaurau facebook page for more information.