Whānau of Kiwi detainee on Christmas Island left in suspense

By Ripeka Timutimu

A worried mother of a Kiwi detainee on Christmas Island says she hasn't heard anything from her son since Te Kāea interviewed him on Monday. 

Ronald Neilson is stuck on Christmas Island and his mother Nopera Souter hasn't heard from him for over a week. 

“Very scary, I'm starting to cry now, I'm scared,” said Souter.

Riots broke out at the detention centre on Christmas Island on Monday.  Neilson was born in Australia but held a NZ passport. His mum says it will be a hard road ahead if he's deported back to New Zealand.

This week, Prime Minister John Key had this to say about the issue, “What the Labour Party is saying is to hell with the rest of New Zealanders, these people should be put on a commercial aircraft and dispatch to New Zealand, well you back the rapists.”

Today, the MP for Te Tai Tokerau Kelvin Davis fired back saying, “Has he ever said a person was suitable to be a Minister in his government while knowing that person was under investigation for sexual offences?” said Davis.

Meanwhile the government has released information about the convictions of some of the detainees on Christmas Island.

According to Simon Bridges, “We know there are sexual offenders, indecent treatment on children, we know there's manslaughter, we know there's robbery and some very serious assault.”

Souter is hoping Davis and others can help her son stay in Australia.  She says, “I just want him out of there, it shouldn’t be happening."

Souter faces the unknown as she awaits to hear from her son, Ronald.